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For over 25 years, our experts have gained experience in putting an end to general Mole pest control problems in Loughton. With our high quality service, we guarantee to eradicate unwanted pests. For leading Mole pest control services in Loughton, call Pest Free 24/7 now, on 0800 023 8961.

Mole Extermination

Are your crops constantly being ruined by moles? At Pest Free 24/7, we safely remove moles from agricultural properties. We use traps, the traditional technique for mole extermination.

We can help you keep your property free from pests with our comprehensive pest control services.

  • We usually use traps that dispatch the mole instantly
  • We are accredited for specialist gassing techniques
  • We recommend the standard treatment of trapping because it provides the best results
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Moles are insectivores and not rodents as is commonly believed. They prefer to eat grubs and other small insects but their reason for existence is the humble earthworm. Earthworms are without doubt their favourite food source.

They are originally wetland/woodland creatures that have been forced into human territory by the eradication of their natural habitat. If you ever wondered why you have a problem with moles, it might be because you water your garden so well, especially the lawn. Yet beneath the grass you have so meticulously kept, you have also provided moist earth conditions for the creatures to tunnel through. Of course, the humble earthworm prefers soggy soil too.

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What do I do about a resident mole?

Molehills are thrown up only once, when the mole first moves in. As this soil is crumbly and weed-free it can easily be removed and used as a top dressing or sterile potting compost, saving some more of the gardening budget. Leave your resident mole alone and soon you will not even know he is there. If you get rid of the mole, you will find a new mole will move into the territory and throw up new mole hills as they dig new tunnels.

Are moles blind?

If you see a mole above ground he will not readily see you, for his eyesight is very poor. He will, however, pick up the slightest vibration caused by your footsteps and will disappear into solid ground in less than a minute. For his size, he is one of the world’s most powerful animals. Never try to put a mole head first down its hole; instead, turn it round and it will disappear backwards into its tunnel, albeit biting you as it goes.


European moles are found in the UK and across Europe. They are related to shrew-moles, desmans and other small insectivores. Our moles are one of nine species of mole, found primarily in Europe and western Asia.

Conservation Status

Least Concern. Population is stable. They are considered pests by some and have very little protection by law.


European or Common Moles have a fat, long body covered in dark grey or black velvet like fur, which can lie in either direction – making moving through the tunnels easier. Their eyes are very small and hard to spot in the fur and they have no external ears. They have long very sensitive whiskers, which are used to hunt for food. The large spade-like front feet are turned out to make effective digging tools.

Moles are completely subterranean animals. They are insectivores and feed on wireworms, leatherjackets, cut-worms, insect grubs and earthworms. Its saliva contains toxins which paralyze earthworms.


They prefer to live in deciduous woodland, farmland or grassland, where there is an abundance of food. Conifer forests have soil which is too acidic for worms and consequently is not suitable for moles to survive. They are fiercely territorial and a resident mole will never allow another to share its territory. This mole lives in an underground tunnel system, which it constantly extends. It uses these tunnels to hunt its prey. Under normal conditions the displaced earth is pushed to the surface, resulting in the characteristic molehills.


The female mole would have been mated by an incursive mole, between March and May. About four weeks later, in an extra-large nest lined with dead leaves, called a fortress, she will give birth to up to six red hairless babies, called pups.

At five weeks old they are completely self-sufficient and are driven from their home territory by their mother. For a while they live above ground until they find a vacant lot where they can excavate their own tunnel system. It is during the time above ground that they often fall prey to owls, rats, weasels, stoats and foxes, while badgers will readily dig them out of the ground.


If you’ve found a sick/injured/orphaned wild animal please see our Emergency section for help or call 07960 612 736.

Rarely above ground, the most common injuries are wounds from garden forks or spades or puncture wounds from predatory animals catching either the young who are searching for a new territory or those who have been fast enough to catch an adult just as they break the surface from digging a new tunnel. An injured mole is likely to drag itself back underground if it can.



Over the course of multiple visits, Paul was always prompt, friendly and highly professional. He is knowledgable and extremely experienced, and was able to develop an effective way to manage and then eliminate a complex rodent infestation that had been ongoing for some months. Paul was also able to identify the point of entry, which was then blocked to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem. I am now rat-free! Pest Free 24/7 prices are also very reasonable. Thanks, Paul! You can count me in as a loyal future customer.

Chris Christodoulou

Excellent service, very professional. I found them to be very knowledgeable, friendly and courtesy. They knew exactly what they were doing and resolved the problem. I would definitely recommend them for any pest/vermin issues.

L Pickton

Excellent service. Paul is very friendly, and was very helpful and professional. Couldn’t recommend strongly enough!

Denise SchuburgBed Bugs

Paul has helped with a number of pest / vermin problems in the past and has always been extremely knowledgeable and professional. The most recent issue with rats was resolved very quickly. I highly recommend Paul for any pest control issues and he would be my first choice for any pest / vermin issues.

Mr Mark Harden

I had a heavy infestation of cockroaches in my kitchen and wanted a quick solution to eradicating the issue. Nick was extremely helpful, his knowledge and advice put me at ease about the infestation. I was really impressed with the service I received and would highly recommend this company.

Alan Webster

Paul is very thorough and knowledgeable. He has provided an excellent service and has gone above and beyond to help fix our rodent problem. On each visit, he has proven to be punctual and reliable. It is very reassuring to know that Paul is only a phone call away. We would highly recommend him and would use him again for any pest control services.

Mrs Hameed

Very reliable pest control company. We had rats in the garden and they sorted it quite quickly. Highly recommended.

Mrs HameedJulie Shaw

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